Cela méritait d’être dit!

Lu ce jour sur mon Bulletinboard favori nommé Reddit.
Cela méritait d’être dit. En 10 lignes, mon quotidien.
Sur /r/sysadmin
Stop lying to IT – we have the logfiles

I’ve been doing this for 17 years now and it still gets me – why do users insist on lying? Be it the lady who claimed she hit the link in a phishing email with her elbow by accident, the one who claimed her computer was logging her off every 20 minutes, or the ones who swear up and down they didn’t try to go to a porn site on their company workstation – it must have been someone else.

We pull out the log files and guess what? They STILL lie. Claim it was a glitch, claim it was a mistake. Yeah buddy, when three enterprise level security products from two separate vendors say you did it – you fuckin’ did it.
We’re spending millions on security because our users are lying idiots.
I just had to throw that out there boys and girls. Happy Tuesday!

Lire le fil intégral :
Stop lying to IT – we have the logfiles

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